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Papasamyam is a method in Astrology to calculate the Dosham in a Horoscope. When checking the Horoscope of a Girl and Boy, this is an important Tool for many Astrologers, to work out the amount of Dosham and decide about their Marriage. This is also known as Doshasamyam.

Saturn, Rahu, Kethu, Mars and Sun are the Grahams which could trouble a Person depending upon its Position and Strength in a Horoscope. When these 5 planets are in 1-2-4-7-8-&12th places from Lagnam, Chandran & Sukran, they create a certain amount of problem,(Dosham). The ferocity of the Dosham depends upon its strength in these houses, such as a Friend or Foe, (Uchcham) High or Low (Neecham) - Ruler or Equal. The total amount of Dosham for the Girl and Boy has to be calculated at the time of Horoscope Comparison for a marriage. If the Dosha index is more for the Girl than the Boy marriage will not be recommended. When the Dosha index is more for the Boy or it is Equal for Both marriage will be recommended. There are several methods to work out the Dosha Index.


At least there are 5 methods in Astrology to calculate the Dosha Index as indicated below.
1. Equal points and Equal weightage method.
2. Equal Points and Unequal weightage method.
3.Unequal Points and Equal weightage method.
4. Unequal Points Unequal Weightage Method.
5. Point System considering Planetary Friendship and Positional Strength.

The Dosha Index may vary from one method to the other. This is one reason why Astrologer's opinions differ.

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